Thursday, December 18, 2008

WITnessed : Eatiquette Reloaded

We were at a table on the lawns of a beautiful fort in Jaipur for Pragati's engagement.

Fa : (says something funny about Rohan)
Rohan : Farah... erm... (searching for an intelligent comeback)...
uh... (searching for any come back)... Go f*** yourself!"
Pratik : Haha! The universal comeback!

After he's done eating, Rohan rinses his hands under the table with a glass of water...

Fa : Rohan you ghati! Can't ask for a finger bowl kya?!
Rohan : At least I wash my hands after eating, unlike some other people...
Fa : I know how to eat properly OK, without getting my hands dirty... Unlike some other people!
Rohan : Yeah you don't use your hands na... You just go and lick the plate directly... *gesturing*
Fa : (exasperated) Rohan... *pause*... In your own words, go F*** yourself!

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