Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WITnessed : amBUSHed!

I'm sure everyone's seen the video of boots being hurled at Bush... It's a must watch!

Mubin : Did you see that!? An Iraqi journalist flung his shoes at Bush!
Pratik : Yeah man! That was damn sad! I'm pissed off!
Mubin : Huh!?
Pratik : He had not 1, but 2 shots at him, at close range and still he missed Bush! Would have been hilarious if he'd have hit him!
Mubin : Hahahaha... Yeah! But I was damn impressed with how Bush ducked out of the way just in time...
Pratik : Yeah! But where was the Secret Service!? I can't believe the guy had enough time to take off his other shoe and get another shot in!
Mubin : Imagine if he had some weapon on him... like a knife! lol... Bush killed by a knife... in these days of snipers and Kalashnikovs etc!
Pratik : A knife straight to the head...
Mubin : But that won't work with him... No brains anyway! What if they got him in the eye!
Pratik : Haha... Gross!
Mubin : Then even if they manage to save him he'll have to wear an eye patch for the rest of his life!

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mubin said...

Bush could join a Somalian Pirate ship and yet claim disability benefits :-)