Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A blog post a day, keeps the cobwebs away...

I'm so inspired by Rohan Rajiv's daily blog.

I've been thinking about getting back into the blogging habit, because writing really is the best way to clarify your thinking/learning/ideas.

I feel like there is soooo much advice & so many different perspectives on just about everything out there, all of which are probably valid in different situations. This makes it easy to go in circles always re-evaluating my priorities/principles/beliefs. Or maybe I just hold my beliefs too loosely, always ready to re-evaluate them.

I'm hoping to clarify and crystallize my priorities/goals/principles/approach to the big important things in life by writing about them here.

So I'm going to start blogging again, with baby steps, and without sharing or telling anyone about it yet.
Blog goal for May 2015: Write at least 1 post per week. At minimum share my web reading highlights.
Blog goal for June 2015: Write at least 6 posts during the month, including "What matters most to me, and why".

Personal update:
I moved to the Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle in Feb 2015, and joined the Operating Systems Group Design Studio as a Design PM. It's been lots of fun so far! :)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

WITnessed: Raindrops Keep Falling...

While hanging out near KBR Park in awesome cloudy weather...

Sneha: I think it's drizzling.
Vidyuth: No it's not.
Sneha: Yes it is - I just felt a few drops!
Vidyuth: It's probably your old bladder control issue.

Vidyuth was smugly snickering at his jab, but Sneha took only a second to recover and bounce back...

Sneha: It's actually you - you really need to stop spitting while speaking.
Vidyuth: What rubbish!
Sneha: Seriously Vidyuth - say it, don't spray it!

It was actually drizzling, very slightly, but that didn't stop Sneha from taking another jab -

Sneha: I asked for the news Vidyuth, not the weather!

All in good humor of course. :)

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Friday, October 12, 2012

WITnessed: Honeymoon Trials

While planning their honeymoon to Thailand:

Wife: I can't wait to get to Phuket - I'll sit on the beach and sip mojitos all day!
Husband: If you're going to be sipping all day, they'd better be virgin mojitos...
Wife: If you make me have virgin mojitos, I'll make sure you have a virgin honeymoon!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

WellSaid : Tatoo Temple...

This was back in Johannesburg. We were talking about tattoos and I was wondering why someone would go through all that pain to get one, especially some of the big intricate tattoos!

John, a tattoo lover on the table replies:

You're body is a temple... fuckin decorate it! : )
You could see the passion in his eye. I was like "Wow!" What a line! Can't argue with that!: )

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WellSaid: Magic

Harika was going to watch the final Harry Potter movie for the second time, so I asked her why she wasn't watching any other movie instead (ZNMD, Delhi Belly etc). Harika replies

'Cos I want some magic in my life!
You can't argue with that! : )

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The WellSaid Series

I was looking back at the WITnessed series today, and there were so many posts that I had totally forgotten about! I totally enjoyed reading them again, and remembering the good times...

But there are lots of memorable lines that don't really qualify as WITnessed, because they're not funny/witty/silly. So I'm starting the "WellSaid" series to share and remember the awesome spontaneous profound/cool/downright idiotic lines that come up in everyday life! : )

Friday, July 22, 2011

WITnessed : Better Watch It!

This one is from my friend Malaika -

This lady I was talking to told me she was going to watch Harry potter tonight and tomorrow night as well. When I asked her why, her friend chipped in and said, "different boyfriend!" LOL!

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