Monday, June 16, 2008

WITnessed : Eatiquette...

Priya and 3 of her friends were planning to catch up over lunch. But then her friend's annoying girlfriend had to make her grand entry...

(while planning the lunch earlier)
Priya : So I'll book a table for four?
Friend : Err... Think that would be 5. My girlfriend's also coming...
Priya : Erm... too late, I've already booked a table for 4.

(later during lunch)
Annoying GF : Priya, why aren't you wearing your napkin on your lap? No one taught you how to eat with the napkin on?
Priya : Well actually, I was taught how to eat without spilling... :P

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1 comment:

WhiteNight said...

Hey! I think I know who this annoying girl friend is... I am glad we have another forum to bitch about her!!!
hehehehahahah (Evil)