Friday, December 12, 2008

What you looking at!?

I was passing by the Botanical Gardens on my way to work one day, and I noticed a little crowd of people standing by the fence staring into the gardens... I figured there must be some Telugu movie filming going on in there.

The next day I was passing by and the crowd was still there, peering in through the fence. I had to find out what was going on there! [1]

So I pulled over and crossed the road. I found a spot between all the peeping heads, and got a peep in myself... The garden was beautiful! Lush green grass, lots of tropical looking trees lined with blooming flowers of every possible hue...
But there was no sign of any movie shoot!

If not a movie shoot, then what were they admiring sooo intently? They seemed to be pointing and staring at some plant... It seemed like a pretty regular bush to me.

I was confused... till a second later, when I noticed a couple sitting right behind the bush...
I wonder if they realised that that apart from holding each others hands, they were holding so many fans in rapt attention!

Bloody voyeurs! lol

So I took out my phone camera & decided to give them voyeurs a taste of their own medicine...
And they were as blissfully unaware of me as the couple was of them! : )

[1] I've seen a Telugu Movie shoot at Golconda Fort before, and it was too funny seeing Rahul Dev being a Telugu villain. The action scene was hillarious, so I could only imagine what a Telugu romantic scene would be like... Plus, some of these Telugu movie actresses are hotties!

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