Sunday, February 01, 2009

WITnessed : Watersports!

We were in the speedboat getting ready for some para sailing, and the guy was helping us strap on the para sailing gear...

Vikas : Arre gotyavar zasta tight nako kara, nahi tar ratri water sports honar nahi!

English translation : Don't make it too tight around the crotch, otherwise we won't be able to do any water sports at night!

All of us including the para sailing guy burst out laughing!

PS - It's Vikas' Happy Budday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vikas!
(in his own words) Its the 6th anniversary of his 18th birthday... ; )

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Unknown said...

Hahahaha.. too funny. Marathi is awesome.

Happy Birthday to Vikas

jb said...

This one is even tight no fun at night.....he's got a very good point and reason. Funny lolol. Thanks for the laughs.


Pratik Stephen said...

Too tight... no fun at night!
You're funny too JB!
: )