Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WITnessed : Fruity!

[This little WITbit comes from Sneha, all the way from Germany...]

For dessert we had Lemon Tart and Pear Cake. I asked for only lemon tart because I don't eat fruits and hence no pear cake. So everyone started a discussion about how lemons are also actually fruits.

Assia : Lemon is a fruit! So you can't say you don't eat fruits!
Sneha : Yeah but lemon is not your standard fruit that you can eat raw by itself whenever you feel like eating something.
Assia : So what!? Its still a fruit!
Sneha : Yeah well how do you distinguish between fruits and vegetables anyway - tomato is also supposedly a fruit.
Anna : Well its quite simple really *matter of factly* You can't make vegetable jam!

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