Friday, February 13, 2009

WITnessed : Portable Pets...

Another WitBit from Sneha...

Stephania : I want a fur hat. The kind of hat that Russians wear!
Sneha : Why??? It will look like you have an animal sitting on your head. But as long as its fake fur its ok I guess.
Stephania : No why fake fur? I want real fur! I have real fur on my boots as well.
Sneha : Thats real fur?? Eeek
Stephania : Why eeek? Its so soft. They're like my pets.
*Steph bends down to pet her shoes*
Sneha : Yeah so every time you wear your boots you can say you're taking your pets for a walk!

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katieleigh said...

hahah, are these real conversations? I'm jealous

Pratik Stephen said...

Yup... : )
All real... "real" funny! ; )