Tuesday, February 03, 2009

WITnessed : Bagging the Purse...

We were at dinner, and I hate carrying my wallet in my back pocket, cos it's literally a pain in the ass.

Pratik : Mom, you carrying your purse? Please keep my wallet in it...
Nana : (in that unique ex-teacher grand mom tone) That's not a purse Pratik. You call that a handbag. Next time remember, OK?
See, this is a purse... (passing my wallet to Mom)
Pratik : Point taken. But that's not a purse Nana, it's a "wallet". Next time remember ha... *chuckle*

lol... we all cracked up, Nana first! : )


I was just imagining what would happen if some teenager tried to steal Nana's purse from her.

Mugger : (pointing gun) Give me that purse old lady!
Nana : That's not a purse, its a handbag! Remember that next time OK! And that's no way of talking to elderly person btw! Halkat melya! Learn some manners. What you doing out on the street mugging people anyways!? Where do you stay?
Mugger : Erm... sorry ma'am! I've actually gotta be someplace else right now... Have a good day! *running away as fast as possible!*
Nana : Arre arre! Be careful! You'll get run over if keep going like that!

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jb said...

Hahahahah..that's really funny. You have a good blog, happy I dropped by. Feel free to visit mine. Love your nana and she is right it's not a purse it's a hand bag....lolol. I think your nana could take the mugger lolol.


Pratik Stephen said...

Thanks JB! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
: )

I did visit your blog... looks very cool!

And yes... I shall never call a purse a handbag again! ; )