Thursday, February 12, 2009

WITnessed : Curtains...

Girl : Do you have curtains?
Boy : Uh... Yes... Why?
Girl : So what color curtains do you have?
Boy : I don't know actually...
Girl : Tell na!
Boy : Why? Do you want to buy me new curtains?
Girl : Tell me!
Boy : Or... Do you plan on stealing my curtains!
Girl : Yeah right! Are you going to tell me or no!?
Boy : Come over and see...
Girl : I will, but tell me what color they are!
Boy : Why do you wanna know anyways?! You're going to wear matching clothes kya?!
Girl : Hmm... Maybe I will...
Boy : In that case, my curtains are transparent... ; ) hahahah

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Ashish Anand said...

Aww man. Killer.
Was going through your WITnessed posts. And they are nice. Fun to read.

Pratik Stephen said...

Thanks Ashish!
: )