Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WITnessed : Colleague's evil MiniMe...

The Background :
Me and a colleague (who shall hereforward be called Mr. X) were having one of our usual random, inane but totally hilarious conversations... And somehow the topic of a "MiniMe" a la Dr. Evil (Austin Powers)...

X : Actually, I wish i had my own little mini me...
Me : Oh... He'd be such a bastard!
X : (with a huge smile) Yeah!...My daughter[1] could be my mini-me!
Me : Did you just call your own daughter a bastard?!
X : (still smiling dumbly)

*2 seconds later* : X's chasing Pratik all around the office!
*10 seconds later* : We're both on our asses laughing, while X is giving me appreciative hi5s!

[1] His Daughter is a super adorable, super naughty 3 yr old

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