Monday, May 26, 2008

Pet Peeves 2 : Dumbass Email Spammers!

Dumbass Spammers are sooo annoying (especially at work)!

Dumbass (at office) asks on an email list of about 100 people : "Hows so and so software app?"
Person who's used the app replies to all (good) : "I am using it from last 10 months… It rocks! : )"
Dumbass replies to all again : "Crashes? Memory corruption? Anything bad? Can I go ahead and install it?"

Would the guy be using it for 10 months if the app crashes the computer and corrupts memory!? DUH!

Another Dumbass Spammer tactic :
"Looping [large email group] on BCC so no one does a Reply All"

This breaks all "Email Filters and Rules" and lands the absolutely irrelevant mail in my inbox...!

Most Annoying Dumbass spammer tactic of all time :
Expanding an "Email Group" so that the mail is addressed "To" each and every individual member and not the "EmailGroupName". This breaks the email filters too!
And it gets worse... people "Reply To All" and start a loooong drawn absolutely irrelevant thread which gets more annoying with every email in my inbox! And there's no way out!

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