Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WITnessed : Propah Propaganda..

X (who you might know from here) and I were (again) having random, deep, and totally meaningless discussions over coffee...

We got down to making fun of each others schools...

X : Blah... Bloody Jesuit Schools...! (He's from a protestant school)
Me : These Jesuit Schools are really good man...! They're the one's that have educated and groomed most of the "India Shining" generation!
X : Blah... You're all religious propaganda!
Me : You're a bloody Mossie ProperGandu!
X : HAHAH! Good one! *Hi5!*
Me : Oops! (There was another gentleman close by who was obviously of the same religion community as X!)

Disclaimer : No offense meant to anyone or anything... or any saint or any prophet or any God for that matter.

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