Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WITnessed : Propah Propaganda..

X (who you might know from here) and I were (again) having random, deep, and totally meaningless discussions over coffee...

We got down to making fun of each others schools...

X : Blah... Bloody Jesuit Schools...! (He's from a protestant school)
Me : These Jesuit Schools are really good man...! They're the one's that have educated and groomed most of the "India Shining" generation!
X : Blah... You're all religious propaganda!
Me : You're a bloody Mossie ProperGandu!
X : HAHAH! Good one! *Hi5!*
Me : Oops! (There was another gentleman close by who was obviously of the same religion community as X!)

Disclaimer : No offense meant to anyone or anything... or any saint or any prophet or any God for that matter.

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WITnessed : Colleague's evil MiniMe...

The Background :
Me and a colleague (who shall hereforward be called Mr. X) were having one of our usual random, inane but totally hilarious conversations... And somehow the topic of a "MiniMe" a la Dr. Evil (Austin Powers)...

X : Actually, I wish i had my own little mini me...
Me : Oh... He'd be such a bastard!
X : (with a huge smile) Yeah!...My daughter[1] could be my mini-me!
Me : Did you just call your own daughter a bastard?!
X : (still smiling dumbly)

*2 seconds later* : X's chasing Pratik all around the office!
*10 seconds later* : We're both on our asses laughing, while X is giving me appreciative hi5s!

[1] His Daughter is a super adorable, super naughty 3 yr old

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Erm... What exactly is "WITnessed"?
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Test Matches vs IPL T20?

Test Match fans organise long boring protest against

"Attendance was poor", admit organisers.. "The protest was dull, long
drawn and din't have any actual result... just like atual Test matches!"
Check out the full report...

...from the Laugh Section of the Kolkata KnightRiders' website - Absolutely Howlarious!
Wasted my entire noon laughing at all their spoofs... and showing em to others...
An afternoon well spent!
; )

[credit]Suhas pointed it out[/credit]

Pet Peeves 2 : Dumbass Email Spammers!

Dumbass Spammers are sooo annoying (especially at work)!

Dumbass (at office) asks on an email list of about 100 people : "Hows so and so software app?"
Person who's used the app replies to all (good) : "I am using it from last 10 months… It rocks! : )"
Dumbass replies to all again : "Crashes? Memory corruption? Anything bad? Can I go ahead and install it?"

Would the guy be using it for 10 months if the app crashes the computer and corrupts memory!? DUH!

Another Dumbass Spammer tactic :
"Looping [large email group] on BCC so no one does a Reply All"

This breaks all "Email Filters and Rules" and lands the absolutely irrelevant mail in my inbox...!

Most Annoying Dumbass spammer tactic of all time :
Expanding an "Email Group" so that the mail is addressed "To" each and every individual member and not the "EmailGroupName". This breaks the email filters too!
And it gets worse... people "Reply To All" and start a loooong drawn absolutely irrelevant thread which gets more annoying with every email in my inbox! And there's no way out!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Amitabh Bachchan's Blogging!


When I first heard this, I thought it must be some fan masquerading as the BigB himself... But it turns out BigB has started a BigBlog!
Talk about Blogging going mainstream!

I was obviously curious, and checked it out... And its pure brilliance! With so much controversy surrounding him, and people slinging dirt all around, I can't think of a better platform for him to voice his side of the story, without having to bother with journos twisting his words and quoting out of context!

I love how he put Yamini Lohia in place (not a very nice place, but she had it coming!)
He also took on Shobha De, and defended his bahu (my beloved) Ash...

Blogging is THE best way for celebs to connect with their fans and clear out all the misinterpretations and controversies that the media stirs up!
All the power to you BigB!
Rock on...

Some Unsolicited Blogging Advice...

I know you're busy Mr. Bachchan, but maybe you should consider investing some time in thinking up slightly more informative titles than "Day 34 (i)"!

Also, the blog header is usually a small part of the visible page... Key words being "part of the page"... Maybe it would be a good idea if I could see at least the title (ahem) of the post without having to scroll down.

Also... Kudos BigAdda on getting the man himself to start his blog on your site!

Monday, May 19, 2008

WITnessed : Yash at work...

Yash sends this link to an article with the line...
"Wonder what the secret of his long life was..."

The article reports...

"Albert Hofmann, the mystical Swiss chemist who gave the world LSD, the most powerful psychotropic substance known, died Tuesday at his hilltop home near Basel, Switzerland. He was 102."

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People I hang out with tend to be quite witty at times...
Or maybe I tend to hang out with witty people...

In either case, there tons of verbal gems, and a few absolute treasures thrown around...

I've been thinking of a place to jot these down...
1 - They're bloody hilarious! (intentionally or unintentionally)
2 - Some of them are actually very intelligent... (mostly unintentionally)
3 - It'll be hillarious looking back at them after a few years!
: )

So I'm starting a new "WITnessed" series on my blog...

Quick Link : The WITnessed series...

Pratik's Pet Peeves - The First Rant!

People replying to my email, addressing me as


after I have signed the email as

- Pratik


Stop being a dumbass and learn to spell the name right!
Stop trying to be creative and COPY + PASTE my name from my signature...
Just say "Hey!" instead of "Hi Prateek!"

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Micheal Jackson meets Daler Mehndi!

Suleman Mirza rocks Britain's Got Talent!
Unbeleivably awesome jig!

Love it!

[credit]Yash pointed this one out[/credit]