Saturday, October 18, 2008

WITnessed : Wild Cats Return...

Fa : Pranay was wearing a damn cool t shirt... It had the PUMA logo with... blah blah
Pratik : hahaha... You know Sneha actually called it a tiger...
Fa : hahaha .. How stupid! She called the leopard a tiger!
Pratik : Erm... did you just call it a leopard?
Fa : Oh... no... errrrmm... I mean cheetah!
*Viks and I burst out laughing*
Fa : What is it? *embarrassed*
Pratik : I wonder what the PUMA logo could be... hmmmm... *sarcastic*
Fa : What does PUMA mean?!
Pratik : I don't know.. what does ADIDAS mean? What does NIKE mean? *sarcastic*
Fa & Uv : *thinking*
Uv : The Puma logo is some sort of wild cat...
Pratik : You mean like a puma... : P
Fa : Oh yeah! A puma is a wild cat! How could I forget..!?
*We all have a good laugh*
Uv : So what does ADIDAS mean!?

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