Monday, October 20, 2008

WITnessed : Inner Conflict...

The third moral from Why Parents Will Never Understand Their Kids... And Also Why Uncles and Aunts Will Always Be Cooler! is...
Avoid having kids of your own! Be the cool uncle... ; )
The second I wrote this third moral, I had a deep inner conflict...
The reptilian part of me hard wired to survive and replicate did not agree with this... Thankfully, the other parts of me stepped in to resolve the issue...

Reptilian Pratik : Conflict! Must replicate! Must have kids! Gotta pass on the awesome genes!
Shrewd Investor Pratik : Kids are a HUGE responsibility! Little rewards and sooo much risk! Bad investment!
Mediator Pratik : Hang on guys... There has got to be a better way... I'm sure we can find a win-win solution to this...
Player Pratik : How bout we find a few hot women who want to give birth to lil Pratiks, but have no objection to them being raised by their respective reliable husbands?
Politically Correct Pratik : By hot, we mean intelligent, smart, funny and beautiful women...
Farmer Pratik : Yes! Sow seeds only in the most fertile grounds!

All Pratiks : *come to an agreement* Now there's a thought... ; )

Note: I'm kidding (somewhat)! But if you're a hot woman (as described above), feel free to send me an email along with a couple of recent photos of you... ; )

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Unknown said...

Hilarious you are. Where have you been, mister?

Pratik Stephen said...

been right here...
but I'm leaving now... on a Spice Jet plane...
: )
Off for my SAfari! I'll see you when I get back...

Unknown said...

Heyy there!!

Heard of you from Keith, Yuri, Bhadsavle..

Was grazing through.. Enjoyed myself thoroughly! *thumbs up*

This one is BRILLIANT!! So much fun relating.. a real good example of inner conflict!

Yet.. at times I just crash, never reach an agreement! Must grow!

-Radhika Jagtap
Joseph's Pashan, FC, COEP, IBM ISL Bangalore

Yuri said...

Hilarious !!! farmer prateek.. how'd u think of that ???

on other thoughts, why has radhika put her resume here ??? do i have to too??

Yuri, Vidya Bhavan ( Model Colony. No other branches worldwide ) FC,blah...........

Unknown said...

OMIGOD Yuri, you dont HAVE to follow me all the time you know ;)

Pratik Stephen said...

@ Radhika : Thanks! : )
You're my first blog grazer - I'm glad you found it tasty! ; )

On a serious note though, such conflicts usually come up when I naturally feel drawn to doing/exploring something, that "society" or "relatives" etc might not agree with. (They're usually over conservative when it comes to you.)
When you think about it, the sky ain't gonna fall if you follow your heart, and the ride is a LOT more fun, as long as you're authentic and win-win about it.

The solution is usually pretty simple - be open to options that feel right deep within and don't worry too much about "others'" approval.
: )
(That doesn't mean that you don't listen to anyone! I value the opinions of my select few close friends and people I respect.)

hahaha I feel like a Guru now! I could write a whole post about this!

BTW... I'm waiting for an email with your pics... ; )

(Just kidding Yuri... Just kidding!)

Pratik Stephen said...

@ Yuri : What can I say... I was on a spree... : )

lol... RadzZy is quite a prudent girl innit? Leaving her resume everywhere she can... Might be useful in such turbulent times... : )

Pratik Stephen said...

@ Yuri : You need to learn how to spell, or I'll have to ban your ass from my blog!

My name appears only about 7 times in that post! Stop being creative and copy+paste!

: )

Anonymous said...

Ban my ass? You got 7 hits courtest your comments on my blog. be nice !

n pls dont ever "on a serious note" again :)

n dammit, y does clicking on my name not redirect to my blog - :p

n what'd she intend with grazing anyway? glazing? gazing? mis-spelt glancing?? n i apologize.. Pratik :)

Pratik Stephen said...

>dont ever "on a serious note"

Point taken!
: )

And I wouldn't ban you from my blog Yuri!
I meant ban your ass from commenting on my blog... ; )
But I won't have to... cos you're a fast learner!
: )

PS - You should enable your Blogger Profile, and put a link to your blog on there as well...

And how did you come up the number 7?

Yuri said...

bah ! i dint think ud check up.. fine just 2 then :)

wordpress gives the links people click on in my blog

if u dint chk up its 14