Friday, March 27, 2009

WITnessed : Manisha Strikes Back...

Manisha struck back after this and this...

Pratik : Manisha has the worst taste in women! Whenever she tells me that one of her friends is "soooo hot", she gets my hopes up, and invariably they are definitely NOT!
Manisha : But I find them hot!
Pratik : Manisha, you have terrible taste in women!
Manisha : So that's good for me na... Anyways I'm not into women.
Pratik : So what if you're not into women, you should still have good taste... in general.
Manisha : Fine, I have bad taste... If I had good taste I wouldn't be friends with you would I?! :P
Pratik : Ouch! *heartbroken*
: )

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