Thursday, March 26, 2009

WITnessed : Frustration vs Perversion

After Khushboo cracked some pervert (non veg) joke... (that wasn't funny enough to make it to WITnessed...)

Khushboo : Day by day I'm becoming more and more perverted! What's happening to me!?
Pratik : It's a sign on frustration Khushboo... You need to get some action.
Neha : Hahaha true... But then how frustrated are you Pratik!?
(I make the odd risqué joke every now and then...)
Pratik : That applies to women only... Men are natural perverts... For us, it works the other way round... ; )

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Khushboo (the one who works in your group) said...

errr..which Khushboo are we talking abt here?

Pratik Stephen said...

Not you miss Sharan.. erm Mrs Taneja.
: )
Vaise its about time you featured on WITnessed!