Tuesday, January 06, 2009

WITnessed : Baby Blunders...

I was coming to work in the office cab today... In the back seat there was me, a lady (in the middle), and another guy. The lady looked a little bit pregnant...

Other Guy : (to lady) Hi! So which team are you on?
Lady : So n So team.
Other Guy : (trying to make conversation) So... Congratulations... When is the baby due?
Lady : What baby!?
Other Guy: Erm... Sorry... Never mind... (sinking into his seat silently)

I cracked up! Cos just 1 minute earlier I was wondering whether she was actually pregnant... and how awkward it might be if someone congratulated her and she wasn't pregnant!
I really should travel by cabs more often! Get chauffeur driven, save fuel & pollution, and get entertainment too!

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Anonymous said...

he he he !! i wish i could see her face, the expression of, anger + embarrassment

Pratik Stephen said...

I was trying my best not to see her face... Cos I woulda definitely burst out laughing!
: )