Thursday, January 29, 2009

WITnessed : Drinking Problems

After a night of drunken madness I see my pal, Mr. G limping around office the next morning, looking like he's suffering from Cancer or something... His friend Paryushan was supporting him.

Original (hindi) Version :

Pratik : What up man? Itni phatee hui kyon hain?
G : Kya bataooo yaar bada bura haal hai! *groan*
Pratik : Zyaada pee li kya kal raat ko?
G : Haan yaar... Bahut problem hai! *groan*
Ek toh raat bhar so nahi paya... 10 bar ulti ki hogi maine! *moan*
Doosri baat, har ek aadhe ghante pe toilet bhi jaana padh raha hai.. loose motions ho gaya hai! *groan*
Pratik : tch tch tch... poor you ...
G : Aur paachvi baat - yeh saala ankle bhi toota hua hai, toh chal nahin pa raha main. *groan*
Pratik : Arre?! 1, 2 ke baad seedha 5 pe kaise pahuch gaya?
G : Pehle do toh double the na! *moan*

English Version :

Pratik : What up man? Why you looking soo dead!?
G : Don't ask man! *groan*
Pratik : Had a bit much to drink last night eh?
G : Yup... And now I'm soo screwed.... *moan*
First of all, I couldn't sleep all night... I must have puked around 10 times! *groan*
Second, I was on the pot every half an hour. Got loose motions real bad! Nothing's staying in only! *moan*
Pratik : tch tch tch... poor you ...
G : And fifth, my stupid ankle is also spraint! So I can't walk properly! *groan*
Pratik : Huh?! From first and second, how did you reach fifth directly?!
G : The first two were double na! *moan*

It was so spontaneous and hilarious, especially with his signature groan, that both Paryushan and me literally fell on the floor laughing, while poor Mr. G was limping around groaning and moaning and cursing us!

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