Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pet Peeve : Spam SMS text messages...


I hate spam messages on my cell phone in general! But there are certain circumstances, when I totally loathe them!

Loathe Circumstance 1 :
I'm totally focused on some thought intensive work. I'm "in the zone" getting tons of work done, and I get an SMS beep beep beep on my phone... Curiosity gets the better of me, and I check the phone only to find a "service message" from Vodafone -
"Catch ur fav stars in up close scenes. Just click here!"
Bloody @#^$^%^#$%^!

Loathe Circumstance 2 :
I'm in the middle of an interesting SMS conversation with a cute member of the opposite sex... We're bantering back and forth, and I've just sent the wittiest/most charming/funniest comeback ever. I'm looking forward to see what she can come up with next... when the phone does its SMS beepity beep again. The heart skips a beat, as I open the message... My awesome phone takes its own sweet time, only to heighten the anticipation...
Soft music is playing in the background...
And suddenly there's a CRASH in the background music...
All this only to see for the 89th time that Airtel has some lame games for free on my broadband connection... GRRR! Take your wretched games, turn them sideways and shove em!

Lessons :
- Do NOT sign up for GPRS if you're not gonna use it... You'll get a lot of perverted spam!
- Never give your number out to a rival any Mobile Service Provider ever!

Its been a while since I've ranted! Feels good! : )


Anonymous said...

aargh ! I just got a pre-recorded message from Airtel, as I was reading this post.


Pratik Stephen said...

hahahaha! those spamming bastards!
: )