Sunday, March 03, 2013

WITnessed: Raindrops Keep Falling...

While hanging out near KBR Park in awesome cloudy weather...

Sneha: I think it's drizzling.
Vidyuth: No it's not.
Sneha: Yes it is - I just felt a few drops!
Vidyuth: It's probably your old bladder control issue.

Vidyuth was smugly snickering at his jab, but Sneha took only a second to recover and bounce back...

Sneha: It's actually you - you really need to stop spitting while speaking.
Vidyuth: What rubbish!
Sneha: Seriously Vidyuth - say it, don't spray it!

It was actually drizzling, very slightly, but that didn't stop Sneha from taking another jab -

Sneha: I asked for the news Vidyuth, not the weather!

All in good humor of course. :)

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