Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Self Discipline and Sacrifice

"Self discipline does not mean suppressing or sacrificing your desires.
Self discipline means always choosing your deepest desires, over your many superficial desires."

When you sleep early tonight to get up early tomorrow, you are not sacrificing your late night movie.
You are simply choosing a good nights sleep and a fresh start to an engaging and productive day tomorrow instead.

When you avoid overeating, you are not suppressing your desire for another slice of that delicious pizza.
You are simply choosing to feel light and healthy rather than stuffed and heavy.

When you get your butt to the gym, you are not sacrificing your time and suffering an hour of physical exertion.
You are simply choosing to be healthy and energetic, instead of spending another hour blogging/surfing aimlessly.

(Reminder to self)


leafyd said...

Knowing your deepest desires for what they are, and not being fooled by superficial desires can be a tough thing, but your statement is a great start for someone wanting to peel off the layers of their desires in search of the truest ones. Glad I read your comment and followed the link!

Pratik Stephen said...

Thanks Leafy!

Indulging your deepest desires - sounds like the simplest thing is the world.
If only it was easy as well!
: )

I've planned an hour of reflection on my deepest desires/purpose every weekend. I'll post back in a month about how that works out!

leafyd said...

P-really looking forward to your comments after your times of reflection. I need to slow down some and go there too.