Tuesday, September 09, 2008

WITnessed : Kani's Dumbells...

While waiting for PowerPoint to open on Farah's laptop...

Kani : Aargh... I'm fed up of waiting... and this stupid dumbbell is sooo annoying!
Pratik : Erm... What dumbbell Kanika?
Kani : *very matter-of-factly* Arre... This one thats rotating whenever the computer is stuck.
Pratik : Erm... I think its an hourglass Kani. *controlling laughter*
Kani : No its a dumbbell! I've always called it a dumbbell!
*starting to feel a little silly*
But... it looks like a dumbbell!

Clearly Kani hasn't been to the gym in a while! : )

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