Monday, April 05, 2010

WITnessed : Life Insurance

An annoying telemarketer called me.

Telemarketer : Hi Sir,  XYZ company would like to offer you Life Insurance.
Pratik : I'm a student, so I don't need any insurance. Please take my number off your call list.
(this is my standard strategy to get my number off loan/insurance calling lists etc.)
Telemarketer : Oh ok. Can you give me your father's number? When can I call him for life insurance?
(I pause at his audacity - I am taken aback but also impressed by this guy's tenacity.)
Pratik : *serious + sad tone* My father is no more.
Telemarketer : Oh... Sorry sir!
Pratik : You should have called a year back, we would have been rich by now!
Telemarketer : *silence*

I think he cut the call before I burst out laughing.

FYI - My father's very much alive and kicking! He found this hilarious! : )

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Ann Dee said...

Nice :) "Witnessed" reads well!

Pratik Stephen said...

Thanks Dee... :)