Friday, November 21, 2008

WITnessed : Vegetables!

(A Brai is a typical South African barbecue)

Sneha : I dont know about Braiing your mushrooms and corn. Last time I gave the guy some chicken and still he was like "I don't brai vegetables".
Jo : Why!? Are you vegetarian!?
Pratik : Yup
Jo : Why are you vegetarian!?
Pratik : I like vegetables! : )
Jo : You know I eat vegetables too! I eat them whole... But I leave their wheelchairs alone - the rubber's too chewy for me.

For most those of you who didn't get it... This might help...

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Anonymous said...

I'm vegetarian because I hate plants.

Pratik Stephen said...

I'm vegetarian cos I hate animals...
(dead ones)
: )