Saturday, February 14, 2009

WITnessed : Surya Namaskars...

While Sneha was trying to put on her web cam...

Pratik : So you figured out the Surya Namaskar[1] breathing kya?
Sneha : No ya it dint work... I can't figure it out...
Pratik : Put on the camerea... and I'll show you...
Sneha : What? You're going to do Surya Namaskar on video for me! hehe
Pratik : No... You're going to and I'll tell you the breathing...
Sneha : Why should I do Surya Namaskar for you? You're not the sunshine in my life Pratik!
Pratik : Hahaha... Yeah but I'm the star in your life... So come on, do some star namaskar!
Sneha : Haha... but Mom should do surya namaskar to you! hahaha
Pratik : Huh? Why?
Sneha : Cause you're her only son!

[1] Surya Namaskar is a popular yoga exercise. It means "sun salutation".

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Friday, February 13, 2009

WITnessed : Portable Pets...

Another WitBit from Sneha...

Stephania : I want a fur hat. The kind of hat that Russians wear!
Sneha : Why??? It will look like you have an animal sitting on your head. But as long as its fake fur its ok I guess.
Stephania : No why fake fur? I want real fur! I have real fur on my boots as well.
Sneha : Thats real fur?? Eeek
Stephania : Why eeek? Its so soft. They're like my pets.
*Steph bends down to pet her shoes*
Sneha : Yeah so every time you wear your boots you can say you're taking your pets for a walk!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

WITnessed : Curtains...

Girl : Do you have curtains?
Boy : Uh... Yes... Why?
Girl : So what color curtains do you have?
Boy : I don't know actually...
Girl : Tell na!
Boy : Why? Do you want to buy me new curtains?
Girl : Tell me!
Boy : Or... Do you plan on stealing my curtains!
Girl : Yeah right! Are you going to tell me or no!?
Boy : Come over and see...
Girl : I will, but tell me what color they are!
Boy : Why do you wanna know anyways?! You're going to wear matching clothes kya?!
Girl : Hmm... Maybe I will...
Boy : In that case, my curtains are transparent... ; ) hahahah

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WITnessed : Fruity!

[This little WITbit comes from Sneha, all the way from Germany...]

For dessert we had Lemon Tart and Pear Cake. I asked for only lemon tart because I don't eat fruits and hence no pear cake. So everyone started a discussion about how lemons are also actually fruits.

Assia : Lemon is a fruit! So you can't say you don't eat fruits!
Sneha : Yeah but lemon is not your standard fruit that you can eat raw by itself whenever you feel like eating something.
Assia : So what!? Its still a fruit!
Sneha : Yeah well how do you distinguish between fruits and vegetables anyway - tomato is also supposedly a fruit.
Anna : Well its quite simple really *matter of factly* You can't make vegetable jam!

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Monday, February 09, 2009

WITnessed : Searching...

Over dinner...

Afrin : Have you heard about the Google Bus!?
Pratik : Is it that bus that's doing the rounds of Tamil Nadu?
Afrin : Yes! They've built this awesome bus, and they take it around the villages in Tamil Nadu, and let people use the internet...
Pratik : Pretty cool... But I wonder what the villagers might search for!?
Prashant : Food!

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Link Love : Funny!

XKCD is pure genious! Check out "Boyfriend"... I'd call it Vital Stats though... lol

Also check out chastity... Couldn't have put it better myself... ;)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

WITnessed : Bagging the Purse...

We were at dinner, and I hate carrying my wallet in my back pocket, cos it's literally a pain in the ass.

Pratik : Mom, you carrying your purse? Please keep my wallet in it...
Nana : (in that unique ex-teacher grand mom tone) That's not a purse Pratik. You call that a handbag. Next time remember, OK?
See, this is a purse... (passing my wallet to Mom)
Pratik : Point taken. But that's not a purse Nana, it's a "wallet". Next time remember ha... *chuckle*

lol... we all cracked up, Nana first! : )


I was just imagining what would happen if some teenager tried to steal Nana's purse from her.

Mugger : (pointing gun) Give me that purse old lady!
Nana : That's not a purse, its a handbag! Remember that next time OK! And that's no way of talking to elderly person btw! Halkat melya! Learn some manners. What you doing out on the street mugging people anyways!? Where do you stay?
Mugger : Erm... sorry ma'am! I've actually gotta be someplace else right now... Have a good day! *running away as fast as possible!*
Nana : Arre arre! Be careful! You'll get run over if keep going like that!

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

WITnessed : Watersports!

We were in the speedboat getting ready for some para sailing, and the guy was helping us strap on the para sailing gear...

Vikas : Arre gotyavar zasta tight nako kara, nahi tar ratri water sports honar nahi!

English translation : Don't make it too tight around the crotch, otherwise we won't be able to do any water sports at night!

All of us including the para sailing guy burst out laughing!

PS - It's Vikas' Happy Budday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vikas!
(in his own words) Its the 6th anniversary of his 18th birthday... ; )

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